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Re: texinfo language command?

>>>>> "CR" == Chris Rowley <C.A.Rowley@open.ac.uk> writes:

CR> Oh what an appalling web page:
>> http://europa.eu.int/euro/html/entry.html

and later, concerning

CR> BUT I found nothing at all about an official version of the text symbol.

CR> There is, as one would expect, a precise description of the logo (or
CR> sign) --- after all, nothing is in greater need for a good clean image
CR> than the EU right now --- but this just that, not a currency symbol.

CR> It also says, and who am I to disagree, that no currency symbols (not
CR> even that of the second most important world currency) are in any
CR> sense official.

???? I didn't find this.

CR> The only official text to use for currencies are the 3-letter iso
CR> forms such as usd, dem, gbp (what do they use in N. Ireland then??)
CR> (just remember that when you sign any documents containg $-signs).

Christine did me the favor to ask the folks at the European Central
Bank. :-) Benoit Gindele, currently responsible for the information
that is published at their WWW site, told her:

    EUR is the official _abbreviation_. There exists an official euro
    currency sign as well. This is the same as the logo. In printed
    matter, it is to be used without the specific colors.

If he comes around, an appropriate notice will be posted on the ECB
WWW site. When I see him the next time, I'll ask him what's up with
non-printed matter, e.g., WWW sites... :-)


PS: Partly information from the decision phase is in
http://www.ecb.int/emi/press/press02.htm . I could also grep over the
documents to find the one that notifies about the decision if that's
really desired. ;-)

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