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Re: bad afm file from Linotype

On Fri, 05 Feb 1999 07:35:08 -0500, Berthold Horn wrote:

>>CC idieresis 2 ; PCC dotlessi 0 0 ; PCC dieresis -8 0 ;
>Right, although, there is no reason for any software to look 
> ... Is it AFM2TFM that complains?

I just tried to fix what I found.  I did not check each 
single "bug" whether it was relevant.  

With the original afm file renamed to lubr8a.afm 
(I do know that this is wrong ;-) fontinst stumbled 
for the first time at

INFO> run \transformfont  <lubr8r> from <lubr8a>
! Argument of \afm_line has an extra }.
<inserted text>
<to be read again>
<inserted text>
\out_line ...mediate \write \out_file {#1}

l.1219 CC scaron 2 ;
                     PCC s 0 0 ; PCC  62 0 ;

And, yes, afmtfm 8.1 failed, too:

! composite character name not found 
CC Zcaron 2 ; PCC Z 0 0 ; PCC  150 185 ;

>In this case Linotype is distributing a font that is not free 
>of errors.  Also the hinting  is not good.  

Linotype ... I am terribly disappointed.  

Thank you for the helpful reply