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Re: fontname postfixes

    I can't seem to find the rule for fontname postfix building:

It's not a postfix.  It's just multiple variants or variant/width stuff.
The multiple variants are listed in arbitrary (but alphabetical in my
lists) order.  This is in the manual.

    *8r is font encoded with 8r.enc.

    *8rn is ... ?
    *8rc ?
    *8rp ?

It depends on what comes before the 8r.  If it's just the supplier and
typeface, then these have to interpreted as variants, and then
n=informal, c=smallcaps, p=ornaments.

    If phvr8rn is Helvetica-Narrow encoded with 8r.enc, what is the name
    of the raw Helvetica-Narrow font

phvrrn, in what I believe is your meaning of the word `raw'.

     (as in ptmr is the raw name of Times- Roman?).

I assume you mean `raw' in the sense of using the default afm2tfm
output encoding, rather than in the Tom R's original sense of
no-kerns-or-ligatures.  (A misfeature that I hope has been entirely
eradicated by now.)  The name of the latter would be rptmr for Times and
rphvrrn for the former.  Don't use them, ever :).