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Re: fontname postfixes

Ulrik Vieth <vieth@thphy.uni-duesseldorf.de> tastet:
> > 1. Look for ptmr8r which is what the dvi file says it wants.
> >    (This is good for finding cmr10.pfb when the dvi file wants cmr10)
> > 2. Not found?  Is that ending a encoding we know? Yes 8r is a known
> >    encoding, remove it.  We get ptmr.
> > 3. Look for ptmr.
> > 4. Found ptmr.pfa load and 8r encode it.
> > 5. Font ready for rendering and painting.
> Wrong.
>   2. Not found?  Skip over the config file line until you find 
>      "SomeEncoding ReEncodeFont".
>   3. Look as the next statement: Does it say "<8r.enc"? If so, 
>      look for 8r.enc and use that file to reencode the font later.
>   4. Have we reached the end of the line?  
>   4a.) If no, look at the next statement: Does it say "<ptmr8a.pfb"
>        (or some other font name)?  Use it.
>   4a.) Otherwise, this must be a built-in font, so assume 8a encoding,
>        and look for ptmr8a.pfa or ptmr8a.pfb.

... ok.  Earlier I didn't understand the meaning and use of the 8a
ending, Thomas and your mail got me that clue.

> > The encodings would come from a map file such as this:
> > % Ending   Encoding file
> > 8r		8r.enc
> > 8y		texnansi.enc
> Good idea, but maybe you should add another column for the encoding name:
>   % Ending   	Encoding name		Encoding file
>   8a		StandardEncoding	8a.enc
>   8r		TeXBase1Encoding	8r.enc
>   8y		TeXnANSIEncoding	texnansi.enc
>   8t		T1Encoding		tex256.enc

Ok,  I didn't think of that since t1lib does not need the encoding name,
it just needs a file to swalow.

> > Is this insane?  Does code exist that would let me do this?  Ideas?
> I recommend looking into dvips and or pdftex sources for code related
> to parsing map files.

*nod*  I got the clue eventualy :-)  I'm using the psfonts.map reading
code from dvips now.  ... It still dosn't mean we can use the dvips map
files completely unmodified though. I think.