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Re: fontname postfixes

Berthold Horn writes:
 > (2) Another thing it does is map from the file names for the TFM 
 > files to the file names for the corresponding PFB files.
 > This is not needed if they have the same name.
and if they dont have the same name? if you want "ptmr8a" to
refer to tim_____.pfb, or whatever they call it, on a disk
shared with Windows?

 > (3) Another feature of psfonts.map is to say how to reencode text fonts.
 > Again, since one normally has to use the same text font
 > encoding throghout, this can be done automatically

but not everyone does

 > Of course, if you are already renaming the files from the names
 > used by the vendor, then you may as well make some more work 
 > for yourself :-)
you want me to use "tim_____" in my documents?