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Re: manual for ftp://ctan.tug.org/tex-archive/fonts/psfonts/?

Besides the documentation mentioned by Rowland in his response, there
is some discussion of PostScript and TeX font metrics in 


A search at 


for "FONT METRIC FILES SPECIFICATION" turns up a number of documents.

The AFM specification can be found at


It looks like Adobe has been converting their old PostScript files to
PDF, since the parallel ..../psfiles directory is almost empty.

Documentation on TeX .tfm files is in the two famous books, ``TeX: The
Program'' (Chapter 30), and ``Metafont: The Program'' (Chapter 45).

Under OS/2, there are .ofm font metric files, but perhaps their use is
fast waning.



I found this:

	5178 Building PFM Files for PostScript-Language CJK Fonts (PDF: 148 KB
	/ 44 pages) Specifies the PostScript-language extensions for CID-keyed
	fonts that were added in PostScript version 2015. Describes additional
	CIDFontTypes to those specified in the CID specfication.

However, the link to it leads to an non-existent file.  You can find
it at


On viewing it briefy, I find that it has a very clear description of
the .pfm file format.

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