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Re: text encoding compatibility

Dear Colleagues,

I wrote in explaining the basic text font TeX 
encoding constraint:

>>Clearly, this caprice is no constraint if the natural
>>lowercase functions for all text fonts involved in the
>>paragraph are one and the same. This sameness is the basic
>>TeX encoding compatibility condition.

Lars Hellstr"om replied:

>I just think it should be mentioned that this is one of the flaws of TeX
>that e-TeX has fixed (by maintaining a separate lowercase table for
>hyphenation purposes for each language).

I know that this was envisaged.  But was it realized in web code?
In real implementations? The NTS-L list
<NTS-L@URZ.UNI-HEIDELBERG.DE> devoted to e-TeX and more ambitious
stuff knows nothing about it, as Martin Schr"ode recently

 > Date:         Wed, 20 Jan 1999 23:26:02 +0100
 > From: Martin Schroeder <ms@DREAM.KN-BREMEN.DE>
 > Subject:      Is this list still active?
 > To: Multiple recipients of list NTS-L <NTS-L@URZ.UNI-HEIDELBERG.DE>
 > Hi,
 > having just received a request for renewal of my subscribtion to nts-l,
 > I wonder if this list is still active. I have heard _nothing_ on this
 > list on the current developement and it has been awfully quiet in 1998;
 > it seems the nts-team (whoever They may currently be :-)) has forgotten
 > the list...
 > Best regards
 >         Martin

          Clarifications please!

                 Larry Siebenmann