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Dear people,

whoever you are, PLEASE take pity on me, and help me with the following
font problem concerning OzTeX and my Macintosh.

To give you an outline of the general setting: I do not have a really
up-to-date Mac, and I do not have a modem connected to my Mac. However, I
have a PC modem. This means that finding files for my Mac-TeX is always
quite a bother, and I am fed up with it by now.
Now: I use OzTeX to plain-tex my mathematical stuff. (I use plain TeX
because my advisor uses it, I often type stuff for him. I have gotten used
to it and can work with it quite well.) There are two font families I
simply cannot access, namely the stuff which is called \Bbb and the stuff
which is called \frak in amssym.tex or -.def or wherever it is. OzTex
simply reports it cannot find the tfm files; the point is that they DO
exist in my directory. Today I read in the docs that one gets with AMSfonts
that I have to use some *.fd's in some "obsolete" subdirectory of some
latex directory. I did that (even though I never use latex), and now I do
not get any "missing fonts" message any more, but the fonts are simply
\rm!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I still do not use any latex! And since I do quite a
lot with lie algebras I _need_ the \fraks!

Since I have never, never been able to secure any reliable info about the
weird way TeX uses, links, connects and sets fonts, I am completely
helpless. Since the names of the fonts are so weird (see "euex57") I can't
in the least find out which files do what, and threading the definitions
through the various input files that are loaded upon the start of TeX is,
to say the least of it, confusing.

Can you tell me what to do?

If you know a _complete_, _working_, _commercial_ TeX for Mac which can be
afforded by a student (actually, I am so frustrated my now that I would pay
quite a lot for s.th. of the kind) and includes all the AMS gadgets, I
would be VERY glad if you could tell me about it. Perhaps I should add here
that I live in Germany, which adds to the problems, but I expect I could
order the stuff through a reasonably well-stacked international retailer.
What bugs me about all these free versions is that there is simply _no_ way
to get help if you're stuck, and all people around me only use unix
machines *sniff*.

With many thanks in advance for any answer

        Marion Dickten