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Re: Help!!!!

At 7:33 pm +0000 14/3/99, Berthold Horn wrote:
>At 19:14 1999-03-14 +0100, Yannis Haralambous wrote:
>>On 14/03/99 at 12:37, tech-support@ams.org (AMS Technical Support) wrote:
>>> you are welcome to send inquiries to ams tech-support if you are
>>> having problems with one of the ams collections.  also, you may be
>>> interested in knowing that of all the mac implementations, oztex
>>> is the closest to unix -- in fact, use of the unix versions of the
>>Sorry Barbara, it is CMacTeX that is closest. IN fact, CMacTeX is based
>>on the latest Web2C, while OzTeX first compiles TeX into Modula-2.
>Of course, there is another question, which is whether it is neccessarily
>a good thing to be "closest to Unix" :-)

In this case, being close to Unix is a bad thing in one way at least.  Many
of CMacTeX's tools have to be quit and re-launched each time you want to
run them, which is just plain inefficient on a Mac.  But...  That's how
they work under Unix (where it's not a problem), and that's how they have
to work on a Mac.  OzTeX deals with the problems that cause this to be
necessary (memory allocation, I think) where it uses Unix-originating code
like dvips.

>On the Mac, for example, for many purposes, Textures may a better choice...

It might be, but then again, OzTeX does work very well when set up right
and it's *much* cheaper.