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Re: ttf2pk for TeX Live 4

   > For example, Windows comes with Times New Roman in TT format,
   > which is used as a substitute for Times Roman in T1 format.  And
   > Arial in TT format is used as a substitude for Helvetica, and
   > Courier New as a substitute for Courier.  In each case the
   > metrics match, but the shapes are distinguishable if you know
   > what to look for.

   Now the real question is whether Monotype TT fonts on Windows are
   excatly the same as the Monotype TT fonts on Solaris 2.6.

I think yes.  But the versions may differ -- e.g. Monotype Times on
Windows 3.1 has much less glyphs than for Windows 95.  So the question
is how to identify different versions of the same font?

   >> So it might be nice to have an install script for TTF/PS fonts
   >> which warns if a identically named PS/TTF font is installed
   >> already.

   If you get a font in both TTF and PS format from the same supplier,
   chances are good that both fonts should be exactly the same.
   However, if you are comparing Times vs. Times New or Helvetica
   vs. Arial, which come from different suppliers, I don't see the
   point in pretending that both are the same, although they are most
   likely not identical.

I only thought of identical font names coming from the same foundry.