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Re: design size in DVI

Oops.  Should check before hastily responding :-(

Checksum, Atsize, and Designsize all make it into the DVI file.
So yes, one could use Designsize to hide information.
However, TeX itselfs uses Designsize, so better not fiddle with it
in the TFM file.

Regards, Berthold

At 19:35 1999-03-26 +0100, Laurent SIEBENMANN wrote:

>(2) Does/should anybody or anything currently pay attention to
>the design size entry?
>If the answer to (2) is "nobody and nothing" then that is the place where
>Berthold and others can stuff their extra font information rather 
>then in the check sum, which is fraught with other conventions.

Err, no.  ONLY the checksum is useful, since it is the only thing that makes it 
into the DVI file.  And the idea of using the check sum to specify the encoding
only makes sense because the DVI processor can see it (there are other 
places in the TFM files that can and are already used to hide information -
but these are not of much use since they are not copied into the DVI file).

Regards, Berthold. 
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