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Re: dimension based checksums

At 08:26 AM 99/03/29 +0200, Laurent SIEBENMANN wrote:

> > For checking whether TFM files
> > are set up for the correct encoding, it is handy to
> > fontdimen 0 be the checksum so you can interrogate it
> > from inside TeX...

>This makes sense since fontdimen 0 is NOT A DIMENSION but
>rather a pure number that is independant of the "at_size".
>(It is officially the tan of the angle of slant of the

Err no.  That is fontdimen 1.  TeX has no fontdimen 0.
It wouldn't make sense to replace an existing dimension.

Regards Berthold.

Berthold K.P. Horn		mailto:bkph@ai.mit.edu