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Re: AFMs on CTAN

At 12:10 1999-04-30 +0200, Lars Hellström wrote:
>1. Am I right about this, was there a large collection of AFMs which has
>now been removed?


>2. If yes, then *why* have they been removed?

Concerns about copyright issues.

>3. Where can I find the files today (preferrably somewhere accessible
>through anonymous FTP)?

See http://www.adobe.com/supportservice/custsupport/SOLUTIONS/957a.htm

The files are at ftp://ftp.adobe.com/pub/adobe/type/win/all/afmfiles/

Also on TOC http://www.adobe.com/supportservice/custsupport/NOTES/3632.htm

The AFM files are on the Type on Call (TOC) CD.  You need to poke around
to find them since they are organized on font set number and may be marked
"hidden" or something.  But you do not need to buy fonts to access them.

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