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Re: bitstrea.map

    bwdbir    WeidemannITCbyBT-BoldItalic       BT  1092    weidmnbi

    Shouldn't the last one be "bwdbi8a"?

Indeed.  Thanks.

    are the following entries in bitstrea.map correct?

    borr108a  OratorBT-TenPitch                 BT  0755    orator10
    borr158a  OratorBT-FifteenPitch             BT  0758    orator15

Well, I just made them up.  I guess maybe borr8a10 would be better.
zborr8a10 probably the only really `correct' name.  Hmm.  I wonder if
anyone has ever used the names in a tex document.  I'd tend to doubt it.