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question about psfonts

                       Roger Herz-Fischler
            Dept. of Mathematics, Carleton University
                 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K1S 5B6

        e-mail: rhfischl@math.carleton.ca.; telecopier: (613) 788-3536
     tel: (613) 788- 2144; mathematics office: (613) 788-2155

To: "tex-fonts@math.utah.edu

After much searching I came about the vast treasure house at

 I am unable to tell either by going up or down in the directories who was
kind to put all these files, but I wish to thank them. I have already down
loaded the long elusive ccr files and have printed a class text from them.

However for a research book [The Shape of the Great Pyramid] I was looking
for something more "traditional" as the editor thought that cm was
too "thin". I then noticed


  Unfortunately I do not understand the system of denoting adobe fonts

      eg.     ptmb8c vs ptmb8r vs ptmb8t


ptmbc8t  etc.

    I looked at:


     which enabled me to determine that  tm = times and I surmised that
     the prefix "p" stood for postscript, but again it did not help with
the above problem. Is there a site or source where I can find out what the
symbols mean. 

   With many thanks,

    Roger Herz-Fischler