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Two important new books

Last night, I bought two important new books which have just appeared
at bookstores in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA:

The preface to the first begins:

    This books brings together more than 30 articles nad notes that I
    have written about the subject of digital typography, popularly
    called ``desktop publishing''.  ... I guess I must have ink in my

@String{pub-CSLI                = "CSLI Publications"}
@String{pub-CSLI:adr            = "Stanford, CA, USA"}

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  price =        "US\$29.95",
  acknowledgement = ack-nhfb,

The second book is the long-awaited definition of PostScript Language
Level 3.  While previous editions of several Adobe PostScript books
had a distinctive spine, with red at the top, and white at the bottom,
this new one unfortunately has a black spine, with red and white
lettering, making it harder to spot on a bookshelf.  The cover retains
the old red/white style.

Although Apple and Xante have been shipping printers with Level 3
support for more than two years, Hewlett-Packard (visit them at
http://www.hp.com/go/printers) only in the last few months, with the
new HP Color LaserJet 8500, offers such support, and the number two
printer vendor, Lexmark, has yet to do so.

@String{pub-AW                  = "Ad{\-d}i{\-s}on-Wes{\-l}ey"}
@String{pub-AW:adr              = "Reading, MA, USA"}

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