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Re: [vvv@vvv.vsu.ru: Q: typeface code for Literaturnaya]

"KB" == Karl Berry writes:

 KB> Using r is certainly wrong.  It's not descriptive of anything.
 KB> But if you want to do it, I'm certainly not going to stop you :).

i want to do the thing right, of course.

 KB> If it's a different encoding, then it should have a different
 KB> abbreviation.  Yes, it sucks.  But what's the alternative?

i don't know, that's why i ask :) okay, then if the only alternative
here is to use different encoding, then how i should name them? should
they be different for each and every non-standard variant (there are a
LOT of such fonts with some variants/bugs in encodings)? (it is a
general question) and what should i do in this particular case?

 KB> What is the actual encoding involved?  How does it differ from
 KB> T1?  Can you post the encoding vector please?

the differences are:

* grave has the code 23 (instead of 0; 0 is absent in the font)

* glyph with code 32 is not visualspace but a "plain" space

* there are no compworkmark (23), perthousandzero (24), dotlessj (26),
  Ng (141), ng (173)

* some glyphs are named incorrectly

(!) (btw: i just noticed that in cork.enc the glyph #180 is named
    tquoteright instead of tcaron. is it a typo? please check this
    glyph name in the "master copy" of cork.enc).

the differences are small, and could be made even smaller by the
ReEncodeFont facility; but we'd like to add at least a faked
visualspace and black rules (with warning specials) in places of
missed glyphs.

because of this, we need to name a `raw font' differently than the
`final' virtual font, and we do not want to use `8r' intermediate
encoding because we will loose a lot of ready accented glyphs and will
need to fake them. that's why the question: how to name the raw font? :)

	Best regards, -- Vladimir.
Our business in life is not to succeed but to continue to fail in high spirits.
		-- Robert Louis Stevenson