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Re: fontinst 1.800 vs 1.801

Walter Schmidt writes:
 > Installing Adobe Helvetica using the \latinfamily command from
 > fontinst 1.801 gives me tfm's which differ from those distributed 
 > in the CTAN file lw35nfss.zip, made through fontinst 1.800.
 > This affects, however, the 8r and the Adobe-encoded tfm's only:
 > The "final"*8t, *8c and *7t fonts are identical. Is this 
 > something to worry about?
you do realize that there is a nonsensical historical artefact in that 
we preserve eg "phvr.tfm" for compatibility with afm2tfm-created
things? I haven't followed up the details, but I do know that some
metrics are still created with afm2tfm. I may be entirely off track,
but maybe this is related? I should check tomorrow, I guess.

anyway, *how* different?