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Re: fontinst 1.801 -- still worse

Walter Schmidt writes:
 > 1) vptovf does apparently NOT add checksums.  Is this just
 > a bug with the version 1.4 I am running here?  (I am running
 > TeX under OS/2, so, please, don't tell me to just get the
 > latest Web2c distribution!)
vptovf does not generate checksums

 > 2) If NO:  How can I add correct checksums to the vf's?
 > (I can execute vftovp and then, again, vptovf, which will
thats what Piet Tutelaers "cs" program is for. you need to look on
CTAN at psfonts/tools (from memory) at my scripts which were used to
build what is on CTAN. 

 > 3 (new question) How did the correct checksums get into the
 > tfm's distributed from CTAN?
if you can understood my "famtool.pl" (not sure I can!), you have
entered on the road to enlightenment

 > Apparently so far only the people who developed the fontinst
 > stuff were using it seriously, and they already know all the
 > details, which are _not_ explained in the documentation ;-)

now you sound like Rowland-and-Rebecca!

evidence to the contrary is Alan Hoenig, who does not really class as
a fontinst developer, but who certainly understands it

but i concede there may be some truth in your remark...