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Re: Installing MinionMM for LaTeX


> it does seem that Adobe no longer ship the AMFM files. You *can* get
> these for download from Adobe (if you can locate them), but its very
> annoying that they fail to give the stuff by default

I am not sure about the AMFM files not shipping with the font.  I have
always gotten the AMFM/AFM files with the fonts I have purchased from 

But if you need to get the files from their ftp server, fist go to 
www.adobe.com/type and find out the package number for the particular 
font (Minion MM is package 276), and then go to


And find the directory in which would contain that package number.
For instance, for Minion MM, the URL would be:


The AMFM and AFM files will be in this directory, bundled loosely,
so you will have to do some sorting.  There are a lot of files
related to Minion MM (and Minion MM Expert).