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Re: bug in pplrc8t

On Mon, 18 Oct 1999 14:27:01 +0200, Lars Hellström wrote:

>After some browsing of files, I think I can say that the error lies in
>latin.mtx. The encoding expects the glyph for the macron accent to be named
>Macronsmall in this context, and latin.mtx never says
>   \setglyph{Macronsmall}
>      \cscglyph{macron}
>   \endsetglyph

Adding this to latin.mtx will create a macron accent 
which is much too low!

I have also tried to add the following, which
corresponds to what I saw for the other accents
(acute, grave etc.):



This seems to help!
Lars, could you, please, confirm that this is 
a valid fix for fontinst?