TUG Committees

Members of the TUG board of directors and the executive committee are listed separately.

Bursary Committee

Chair: Jim Hefferon; Carla Magggi, and the treasurer, ex officio.

Bylaws Committee

Chair: Barbara Beeton; Karl Berry, Arthur Rosendahl, Boris Veytsman, and the office manager, ex officio.

Conference Committee

Chair: Arthur Rosendahl; Barbara Beeton, Karl Berry, Jennifer Claudio, Ulrike Fischer, Rohit Goswami, Tom Hejda, Ross Moore, Norbert Preining, Paulo Ney de Souza, Boris Veytsman and the office ex officio.

TeX Development Fund Committee

Karl Berry, Kaja Christiansen, Jim Hefferon, Norbert Preining, Boris Veytsman.

Elections Committee

Barbara Beeton, Karl Berry, Kaja Christiansen. (TUG election procedures.)

Membership Committee

Barbara Beeton, Paulo Cereda, Kaja Christiansen, Jim Hefferon, Klaus Höppner, Boris Veytsman, and the office manager, ex officio.

Publications Committee

Barbara Beeton, Karl Berry.

Technical Council

Chair: Kaja Christiansen; Karl Berry, Jim Hefferon, Norbert Preining, Will Robertson, Boris Veytsman.

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