[tex-live] Installation problems

Zdenek Wagner zdenek.wagner at gmail.com
Mon May 6 17:26:31 CEST 2013

It looks like a problem with the CTAM mirror you are using.  Try to
use -select-repository when starting install-tl and select another
mirror from the displayed list.

2013/5/6 Bharadwaj Narasimhan <bhajjuvn at gmail.com>:
> Dear Sir/ Madam,
> I am a relatively amateur user of Debian Squeeze and I have been using LaTeX
> through the texlive system for a year and a bit more.
> Recently I formatted my computer to be able to improve its performance and
> hence had to re-install the texlive system. I am currently having problems
> with this and I'm unsure as to how to handle the error, I'm unable to figure
> out what is causing it. I have attached the log file for your perusal, I
> hope you could guide me in fixing the problem.
> I have re-installed my OS (Debian Squeeze), deleted the older incomplete
> installation from the OS and tried installing texlive again, re-downloaded
> the installation and tried installing after doing all of the above. At the
> end I see the same error as shown on the log file I have attached.
> A Google search with the error that was thrown hasn't gotten relevant
> results, I'm unsure but I think I'm the first person facing this problem.

Zdeněk Wagner

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