[tex-live] Babel Bug

Zdenek Wagner zdenek.wagner at gmail.com
Mon May 13 16:30:55 CEST 2013

2013/5/13 Amir Jahanshahi <Amir.Jahanshahi at ugent.be>:
> Hello,
> I see that compiling my document fails with an error with regards to babel:
> babel.sty:54: You can't use `space factor' in vertical mode
This is most probably your error, not babel bug. Most LaTeX packages
contain internal macros with names similar to \@something. When a
package is loaded by \usepackage or \RequirePackage, the category of @
is set to 11, which is a letter. \@something is then a series of
letters and thus forms a valid cseq name. Outside packages the
category of @ is 12. In that case \@something is considered to be a
short control smbol \@ followed by characters something. The meaning
of \@ is a space factor. This is the most frequent reason of such

Could you provide the minimum sample producing this error?

> I also had another error with regards to dutch.ldf file which was not
> existing at all.
> Bests,
> -Amir

Zdeněk Wagner

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