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bad afm file from Linotype


I have downloaded a free Type1 font from the Linotype site 
<http://www.linotypelibrary.com>.  They are distributing one 
variant (regular 430) of their new "Univers basic" font family.  
They call it a "Demo" but they say it's not "crippled" in any way.

Bad news is, that fontinst did not like the afm file when tried 
to install it, so I checked the file contents and found very 
strange things, e.g. the following line:

CC idieresis 2 ; PCC  0 0 ; PCC dieresis -8 0 ;

which should IMO rather be

CC idieresis 2 ; PCC dotlessi 0 0 ; PCC dieresis -8 0 ;

I corrected several (!) bugs of this kind manually, and fontinst 
ran smoothly then;  my bug fixes had, obviously, made some sense.
The resulting font was, however, lacking the glypghs igrave, 
iacute, icircumflex and idieresis  (only the accenty were printed).

I thought about sending a complaint to Linotype, but I just
do not know the technical background well enough:

May I really assume that any "Type 1 for PC" font can be used 
with TeX?

Do other (non-TeX) users not require afm files, so that nobody 

I cannot imagine that Linotype is distributing garbage;
perhaps fontinst isn't clever enough?  

Thank you in advance for any clue