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Re: texinfo language command?

Hi Joachim

Thanks to Christine for taking this up at the correct level.

> Christine did me the favor to ask the folks at the European Central
> Bank. :-) Benoit Gindele, currently responsible for the information
> that is published at their WWW site, told her:

I hope she passed on a users comments about the legibility of:


>     EUR is the official _abbreviation_. There exists an official euro
>     currency sign as well. This is the same as the logo. In printed
>     matter, it is to be used without the specific colors.

Agreed: but this is not the same as atext symbol used in the way
\textsterling and \textlira are.

What some people would like (certainly not me) is guidance as to
how to design a glyph corrresponding to this sign to live in an
exisitng fount.

But do bankers webmasters understand that idea at all?

> If he comes around, an appropriate notice will be posted on the ECB
> WWW site. When I see him the next time, I'll ask him what's up with
> non-printed matter, e.g., WWW sites... :-)

And if he is interested in printed text (not banknotes, but if he has
some to spare I can find a good home for them).

>  I could also grep over the
> documents to find the one that notifies about the decision if that's
> really desired. ;-)

A grep for fount or font or glyph or ... would be useful.