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Re: Broken Linotype font

> Let's do our colleagues at Linotype a favor and get the bug reported
> to them ASAP.  From

> 	http://www.math.utah.edu/~beebe/fonts/linotype.html

> I have this information:

> 	Linotype Inc
> 	URL: http://www.linotypelibrary.com http://www.fonts.de/fonts/ehtml/3533C409/fontstore.htm 

> 	Linotype-Hell AG
> 	Siemenswall
> 	D-23107 Kiel
> 	Germany
> 	URL: http://www.fonts.de/ 

> The question is, does anyone on this list have a personal contact
> inside Linotype?  Such a person would be more likely to initiate a
> prompt fix than perhaps a bug report to their webmaster might.

Sorry, no inside contact, but perhaps a better contact address:


            Linotype Library GmbH
            Du-Pont-Str. 1
            61352 Bad Homburg


            Phone: +49 (0)180 - 5466 546 
            Fax:   +49 (0)180 - 5466 329 

            Support: 0190 79 33 39 (DM 2,40/min) 

            eMail: linotype@internet.de 


	    Linotype Library - a new company with a long

            Since May 1st 1997 the Linotype Library - as a division
            of the Heidelberg Group - is a legally independant
            company. It carries on a more than 110 years old
            heritage. Famous names like Linotype-Hell AG, D.
            Stempel AG, Haas'sche Schriftgießerei and Deberny &
            Peignot are the roots of the Linotype Library. Ottmar
            Mergenthaler not to be forgotten, the inventor of the
            type setting machine. Mergenthaler's breakthrough
            soon became known as the Linotype. Quickly adopted
            by major newspapers around the world, the Linotype
            initiated a new freedom in the creation of everything
            from newspapers to books, from advertisements to a
            wide range of literature. With this invention Ottmar
            Mergenthaler could indeed be called the founder of the
            later Linotype group of companies.

Hope this helps,