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Broken Linotype font

There seems ample evidence now that the Linotype font problem reported
by Walter Schmidt <wschmi@ibm.net> on this list on Fri, 05 Feb 1999
02:19:34 +0100 is real:

>> ...
>> I have downloaded a free Type1 font from the Linotype site 
>> <http://www.linotypelibrary.com>.  They are distributing one 
>> variant (regular 430) of their new "Univers basic" font family.  
>> They call it a "Demo" but they say it's not "crippled" in any way.
>> ...

Let's do our colleagues at Linotype a favor and get the bug reported
to them ASAP.  From


I have this information:

	Linotype Inc
	URL: http://www.linotypelibrary.com http://www.fonts.de/fonts/ehtml/3533C409/fontstore.htm 

	Linotype-Hell AG
	D-23107 Kiel
	URL: http://www.fonts.de/ 

The question is, does anyone on this list have a personal contact
inside Linotype?  Such a person would be more likely to initiate a
prompt fix than perhaps a bug report to their webmaster might.  And a
bug report from a tex-fonts list member representing a company that is
in the font business might carry more weight than one from

As an aside, this is not the first instance of a commercial font being
corrupted; http://www.math.utah.edu/~beebe/fonts/deneba-fontnames.html
documents a problem with one font on the Deneba CD-ROM.

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