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Re: fontname postfixes

Nicolai Langfeldt writes:
 > I have this insane ambition of making xdvik work with t1 fonts with
 > minimal font maps and not too complex font decoding code inside xdvi
 > either.  I dislike psfonts.map of dvips.  
why do you dislike it? it seems perverse not to use it

 > Maybe some of you (err, is
 > tes-fonts just Karl?) can shed some light, come up with ideas.
no its not :-}

 > 2. Not found?  Is that ending a encoding we know? Yes 8r is a known
 >    encoding, remove it.  We get ptmr.
 > 3. Look for ptmr.
 > 4. Found ptmr.pfa load and 8r encode it.
my psfonts.map might say that "ptmr8a" can be satisied by loading

what abut extended and slanted fonts?
 > The encodings would come from a map file such as this:
 > % Ending   Encoding file
 > 8r		8r.enc
 > 8y		texnansi.enc

 > Is this insane?  Does code exist that would let me do this?  Ideas?
why not just borrow the code from dvips? that parses config.ps and
reads psfonts.map (and other .map files; many of us work with several
at once, you know)