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Re: fontname postfixes

On Sun, 21 Feb 1999 14:10:08 -0500, Berthold Horn wrote:

>I personally don't like algorithmic transformations of this nature.
>If the designer wanted a condensed version he/she would
>have designed one.  Ditto for slanted, smallcaps etc.  The
>fake ones do not look typographically correct.  

I agree, as far as text fonts are concerned.

OTOH you cannot provide "faked" math fonts without such tricks;
see e.g. the fonts used by mathptmx.sty or mathpple.sty.
They rely heavily on "artificial" sloping.

>In any case, this - unlike other things like reencoding - is  PS
>specific.  That is, many rasterizers do not provide a convenient
>mechanism (or any mechanism) to implement the equivalent of 
>these PS transformations. 

Does this mean that DVI previewers which are ATM-based cannot 
display this?  This could explain various error reports concerning
bad display of the slanted Euler fonts, which mathpple uses for 
the greek letters.  (I'm using Ghostscript/GSview for previewing,
so I never get aware of any such problems myself.)