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Re: fontname postfixes

Concernant « Re: fontname postfixes », Walter Schmidt écrit : «
» On Sun, 21 Feb 1999 14:10:08 -0500, Berthold Horn wrote:
» >I personally don't like algorithmic transformations of this nature.
» >If the designer wanted a condensed version he/she would
» >have designed one.  Ditto for slanted, smallcaps etc.  The
» >fake ones do not look typographically correct.  
» I agree, as far as text fonts are concerned.
» OTOH you cannot provide "faked" math fonts without such tricks;
» see e.g. the fonts used by mathptmx.sty or mathpple.sty.
» They rely heavily on "artificial" sloping.

how true. You cannot fake without faking.

I don't see why, if it is possible, people should stick to ATM
compatibility or whatever, and not even enjoy font destruction as any
casual user of word may do? 

the software provider is going to tell us what is the authorized use
of our fonts?
Thierry Bouche, Grenoble.