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Re: Axis in nfss

On 28/02/99 at 16:35, Thierry.Bouche@ujf-grenoble.fr (Thierry Bouche) wrote:

> Hi,
> Quite a long time ago, it was said that "the good way to implement
> MakeUppercase & friends would be to add a "case" axis to NFSS".

I don't think this is the good way, as a matter of fact it cannot
work: uppercase/lowercase/smallcaps is language dependent, and as far
as I know there is no language axis yet in NFSS. 

> the "case" axis is really needed, and will be ever, since unicode
> ignores small caps, and multiple digits shapes. (It's a unicode flaw,
> imho, to enforce the capital/small letter distinction [two glyphs for
> the same charachter, no?] and reject small caps,

Unicode ignores these things, but not Unicode++
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