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Re: ttf2pk for TeX Live 4

   >Can you tell me the differences between 3.2 and 3.3 I must apply to
   >the code except the change DllImport->KPSEDLL?  Then I can add
   >identification code for version 3.3 to the configure script.

   I have no other changes up to now. 

Thanks.  I'll add a test to the configure script for that.

   I'm rather confused by the fact that there are tfm fonts from type1
   fonts on the texlive cd that correspond (at least the name !) to
   some ttf fonts commonly found on windows (New Century Schoolbook
   and so on).

Well, many foundries sell the identical typeface in TrueType and in
PostScript format.  Theoretically, no differences should appear in
shape (nevertheless, I dare to say that for very small sizes
resp. resolutions, TTFs yield better results because of the hinting
program resp. bitmap strikes built into the font), but I fear that
life is different, and that the shapes *do* differ thus a different
typeface name or a variant flag is needed.

In case the fonts are really equal, the mktexpk script is set up that
the PS incarnation is found first, AFAIK.

So it might be nice to have an install script for TTF/PS fonts which
warns if a identically named PS/TTF font is installed already.