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Re: Problem with type 42 font

I have just discovered ttf2pf, the Polish TTF->Type 42 converter, which works FINE.

You can get it from:


It uses gs, and to use it under Unix you first have to do a small change:

in file ttf2pf.ps:



I had no time yet to test it on all fonts, but this may well be the ultimate tool.
Long live Poland!

On 17/04/99 at 22:28, tjk@ams.org (Tom Kacvinsky) wrote:

> I had problems with ttf2ps. I couldn't get it to write out a PS file
> from a TrueType font.  What version are you using?  Where did you get
> it?  The copy I am using I found at
> http://www.leo.org/pub/comp/usenet/comp.sources.postscript/ttf2ps/ttf2ps.tar.gz/.

Actually I mispelled it: it is ttfps I'm using. I got it from
I compiled it under Linux and it works fine, except for times.ttf
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