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possible exercise in dream interpretation


I have the distinct recollection that I saw a posting regarding changes to the f-ligatures
in the CM sans serif fonts that DEK made (or discussed).  But now I can't find it.  
What I remember is something about dropping the dot on the i in fi and ffi to the 
same level they are in the letter i itself.  

Regards, Berthold.

P.S. My current best interpretation of this is that I may have had a particularly lucid 
dream (or shall we say nightmare) about DEK continuing to make changes to CM :-)
Now I looked in the fonts and sure enough the dot is higher in fi and ffi.  On the
other hand, I can not see any changes in the MetaFont source... Please help me!

Berthold K.P. Horn	mailto:bkph@ai.mit.edu  http://www.ai.mit.edu/people/bkph/bkph.html

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