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Bug in Belleek fonts?

I've just installed the belleek fonts from the TL4 CD.

Something is wrong with them.
there is somewhere a support file the simply replaces calls to the MT
fonts by call to BL fonts in the mathtime FD. But there are no BL TFMs
on the TL4 CD.

Well -- given that Kinch says in his TUB paper that they are dropped
in replacements for the MT fonts, i thought that the right
installation for them was rather to use the genuine MathTime support,
and simply call for the BL PFB's in psfonts.map.

This does work up to the encoding incompatibilities between BL and

+ The bug lies in the BLEX font, char 20 being a space (width
.333em). It should be parenleftBigg (width .693em). So not only is
the BLEX font not metrically compatible to MTEX, but, as the char is
typically selected from the TFM with the Nextlarger operation, it is
not compatible either with OMX encoding. Maybe one could reencode it
on the fly in the following fashion
  mtex  BLEX <blex.pfb <[mtex.enc
but it is not how the bellek.map is.

+ The unencoded yandy logo is replaced by a ttmascot lion (harmless,
but _not_ metrically compatible although claimed to be :-)
   Thierry Bouche.