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Re: bitstrea.map

>>>>> "Karl" == Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> writes:

    >     borr108a OratorBT-TenPitch        BT 0755   orator10 
    >     borr158a OratorBT-FifteenPitch    BT 0758   orator15

    > Well, I just made them up.  I guess maybe borr8a10 would be
    > better.  zborr8a10 probably the only really `correct' name.

I prefer borr8a10, names beginning with z should be used if nothing
else helps, at least in my opinion.  In this case 10 and 15 are design
sizes except that the doesn't describe the size in points.

If a filename begins with z, all other characters will be arbitrary.
Thus there will be no entry in typeface.map which means that I don't
get a directory name for the fonts.

Could we stay with borr8a{10,15} ? Does fontinst depend on the design

And there is another one:

zbshans   ShelleyAndanteBT-Regular          BT  0593    shlyandn
zbshals   ShelleyAllegroBT-Regular          BT  0594    shlyalln
zbshvos   ShelleyVolanteBT-Regular          BT  0595    shlyvoln

I can't use typeface.map to get a directory name (because of the z).
If z is ignored they go to bakersig/ which is obviously wrong.

There are some other script fonts, namely:

      bernhard bb7rw8a  BernhardTangoBT
      brush    bburw8a  BrushScriptBT
      lydian   blyrw8a  LydianCursiveBT
      lectra   bearw8a  Transitional521BT

The only difference is that the shelley fonts are three (slightly)
different typefaces with the same parameters (weight, encoding, ...)
which should go to the same directory.

As they only differ in the typeface they could be named something like
b??rw8a.  And you would usually use only one of them in the same

I suggest to put into bitstrea.map something like:

b0srw8a   ShelleyAndanteBT-Regular          BT  0593    shlyandn
b1srw8a   ShelleyAllegroBT-Regular          BT  0594    shlyalln
b2srw8a   ShelleyVolanteBT-Regular          BT  0595    shlyvoln

and into typeface.map:

0s shelley	Shelley
1s shelley	Shelley
2s shelley	Shelley

The typeface names {0,1,2}s are not used at this time but I think it
is a good idea to use other ones.  Typeface names like <number><letter>
are not used yet and could be reserved for special purposes.  Who knows
what comes in the future?

There are many typefaces named __ in typeface.map.  What's the reason?
Do you think they are useless or was nobody interested in them?

Thank you very much for your help.


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