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Re: fontinst 1.801 -- still worse

"Berthold K.P. Horn" wrote:

> Yes, and for the pleasure of that tiny percentage of TeX users,
> the rest have to suffer not being able to use Type 1 fonts.

That tiny percentage of TeX users is:

a) anyone using the mathptm package (or anyone who wants to use math
fonts as drop-in replacements for cmsy*)

b) anyone who wants to use faked c&sc

c) anyone who wants to use the T1 or OT1 font encodings (with all their
oddnesses, e.g. in OT1 accessing the <lslash> glyph via the <l> -
<lslashslash> ligature).

which pretty much covers most users of TeX.  My experience of trying to
use type 1 fonts as anything other than drop-in replacements for cm has
been pretty disastrous, e.g. try using a Times / cmss / cmtt combination
and make your documents portable across TeX installations... not fun.

Alan Jeffrey, CTI, DePaul University, 243 S Wabash, Chicago IL 60604
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