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Re: Comments on Microsoft ClearType technology

At 14:20 2001-02-03 -0800, Pierre MacKay wrote:
The page you sent indicates what the \fcharset is for, but if it
provides a link to show what each fcharset actually encodes, I
haven't found it yet.  The list of N values is parsimonious in
the extreme.  I have seen at least ten values in actual RTF
files that are not shown in this list.  RTF is thick with
that sort of thing.  If I hadn't had the good luck to
consult briefly with the firm that invented PANOSE specifications
(I actually have the technical manual) I would be utterly
baffled by them.  They are actually a bit sinister.  If you don't
have the font specified in the document, a PANOSE-aware application
will blithely use the string of numeric parameters to hunt for
the "nearest equivalent" and substitute it into the output

It is hard to have a lower opinion of any specification method
than I do of PANOSE :-)

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